About Us

Welcome to Anduril Consulting

Anduril Consulting have been successfully and effectively providing management and strategic consulting services since 2019 across a variety of industries in Ireland, the UK and Australia.

Founder of Anduril Consulting, Drury Halpin combines his extensive management experience with processes and methodologies that deliver positive outcomes for large scale multinationals and smaller businesses alike.

With a strong, experienced team, capable of managing a wide range of projects, Anduril Consulting is dedicated to ensuring that the highest standard of safety and quality is maintained. Our strong reputation is founded on trust, reliability and performance.

We partner with our clients to help transform their organisations and execute projects ranging in  size and term. We operate in conjunction with organisations across the private, public, and social sectors. With over a decade of experience Anduril has built up an extensive resource pool they can call on.

We adapt to individual client requirements whilst ensuring that we continue to provide a high-quality, independent, client-focused service.